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Is your team HEATFIT for summer?

Discover the 3 steps to transform your team’s health to combat and build resilience against heat stress at work.

The Heat Stress Analysis (HSA) is an extensive climate, building, and team performance diagnostic report designed to clearly identify the dominant heat-related problems in your business. The HSA is the most important step to accurately determine what the problems are and how to solve them.

he HEATFIT Tracker packs are carefully pieced together packs offering the best heat stress management equipment from our leading partners. Offering a range of heat stress and hydration management tools to allow you to accurately test and measure temperatures and employee safety day to day.

We work with you to create tailored airflow system solutions that will best suit your building. Our solutions include a pairing of air extraction systems, powerful ceiling fans and mobile fans, depending on the needs of your space. Designed for industrial use; our fans are rustproof, waterproof, and built to endure even the harshest of conditions.

Summer is a brutal time of year for any industrial workplace.

Whether you manage a team that works inside or out, the unnecessary strain heat has on your workforce can cause extremely negative impacts on an employees overall health and wellbeing. Workers that are dehydrated, unacclimated, and performing tasks in thermally unsafe environments can be hard to manage, and ultimately, it can leave you with no control over what happens to your team in the heat.

With the right tools and resources you can optimise environmental performance, map fluid intake, make better decisions around clothing and work rest scheduling.


HEATFIT Methodology

After working with hundreds of factories and warehouses over the last 5 years and learning about how each of them are currently dealing with the heat, we have found that if they implemented these 3 key principles from our HEATFIT methodology they had much more control over the health and wellbeing of the employees in their care.

To optimise your thermal performance and safety you will need to address 3 key elements: Systems, Culture, and Environment. Without these elements working cohesively in your business, the threat of heat stress will remain high and unmanageable.

Design, integrate and report  the right policies, plans and procedures to better track your teams progress

Educate your people on how to Prepare, Perform and Recover From their Shift 

Forecast, Measure and Respond to High Risk Weather Conditions and knowing when to implement controls

The 3 step heat stress management program

An in depth look at your journey with us to build a climate resilient team.

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