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Sometimes it feels like the unique climate we have here in Australia is out to kill us! As we start to see heat waves continue to increase in severity it may just succeed in its mission to do so.  

After working with mining and manufacturing companies over the last 5 years and learning more about what workers are going through when conditions become unbearable, we discovered that it isn’t simply ‘more airflow’ that they needed but a full and remarkable solution to heat stress management.
Our light bulb moment!

With a desire to improve our client experience and actually address the problems they are facing, we have tailored our 3 step heat stress management program HEATFIT, to help mining, manufacturing and construction companies to know exactly how hydrated and thermally safe their workers are when performing daily tasks in the heat.

Our collective background in endurance sports through to airflow management has allowed us a unique insight into this issue. Created by the team at Natural Cool Air as a data driven way to educate companies on heat associated risks, we strive to be industry leaders in heat mitigation and thermal safety for blue collar businesses.

Partnering with leading brands like Kestrel meters, MX3 Diagnostics, THORZT, Big Ass Fans as well as manufacturing our own in house products we give you an end-to-end experience to solve your heat related problems.

Our Team

A family run business with the intent to make your workplace more manageable.


With a background in endurance sports and events management, Beau’s desire to improve the health and hydration of the people he works with is unmatched. Now, a climate designer and heat stress consultant, Beau is the face of the company, taking clients through the step by step process of navigating heat and improving the hydration of your team. 

His passion for hydration management developed as part of his role, at global triathlon company Ironman, where he was tasked, alongside his teammates, to calculate and distribute the nutrition and hydration products out on course so that the athletes could finish the gruelling races in a healthy and safe way. 

With some athletes pushing themselves too hard and not taking on the necessary fluids, resulted in a number of different heat exhaustion and dehydration scenarios that put those people at serious risk of irreparable damage to their physical health. The everlasting impression of being confronted with the extremes of heat stress that these athletes would endure during the race left a profound impression of how bad this issue can get. 

After he made the shift into airflow and ventilation management, with the purchase of Natural Cool Air back in 2015 with business partner and father, Dean Frith, Beau started to see the similarities between the impact heat and dehydration had on triathletes also showing up for workers in heavy industry. Diving deeper into this problem he discovered there was very little support for companies to get access to heat stress management systems which is why he created HEATFIT. 

The man behind the production of Natural Cool Air products. Working out the nuts and bolts of any idea that gets thrown at him by his son, his expertise in turning concepts into a reality is remarkable. With a career spanning 35 + years in composite manufacturing and airflow management, Dean has honed his skills building components for the motorhome and marine industries as well as a huge range of custom projects such as observatory domes, aviation components and air movement products.

He has spent the last 25 years building his business on the Sunshine Coast and has set his sights on bringing the vision of Natural Cool Air to the forefront of what he wants to achieve for the future. After purchasing the company in 2009 Dean saw real value in providing a clean, cool work environment for his staff, as well as helping other business owners achieve sustainable cooling in the industrial market. By redeveloping the core products to suit his field in composite design, it is now his vision to provide ecologically friendly solutions to cooling, and at all times strive for excellence in quality and efficiency.


Our Impact

Total Imapcts
Trees Palnted
Carbon Offset Per Year
Facilities Using HeatFit

Hydrate 4 Change

By purchasing a Heat Stress Analysis (HSA) we will donate 365 days of clean drinking water to those in need.


This Is A Conversation Starter

For every purchase of a HeatFit Tracker pack we will donate 5% of the profit to ‘This is a Conversation Starter.’


Climate Positive Cooling

We have a company goal to remove 1M tonnes of carbon from our atmosphere by 2025. Through regenerating forests, reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption to ensure your system is climate positive.

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