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MX3 Hydration Testing

Saliva diagnostics. Lab-grade accuracy. Measured in seconds.

Perfect For:

Fitness Centres
Work Sheds
Medium to Large Industrial Spaces

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    MX3 Diagnostics

    MX3 is changing what's possible for health diagnostics. This revolutionary platform is the first simple, reliable way to measure and track salivary and sweat biomarkers anytime, anywhere. Which makes it perfect for onsite hydration testing in high heat stress environments.

    The quickest Hydtration test.

    The MX3 Hydration Testing System uses a saliva sample from the tip of the tongue to take lab-grade measurements in seconds. Using the portable handheld LAB, disposable test strips, and an easy-to-use app. The perfect tool to help keep your team healthy and hydrated.

    Clients using as apart of HeatFit:

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