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Protect your team against the heat.

With our heat stress management program designed to help keep employees feeling healthy, hydrated and thermally safe during hot conditions.

what is HEATFIT?

HEATFIT is a 3 step heat stress management program

designed to help Mining, Manufacturing and Construction companies build climate resilient teams that remain healthy, focused and productive working in the heat. Created by the team at Natural Cool Air as a way to help guide companies on using data collection to make better decisions around managing thermal safety, and to gain control over the personal and environmental impacts of heat stress data.

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    If you do not measure you cannot manage

    Providing thermal safety to

    Knowing the right

    data to make the right decision

    For most heavy industrial companies the threat of heat stress and dehydration is ever present. Without knowing exactly how well your currently dealing with the issue and without accurate data to pinpoint where improvements can be made, the daily cost and liability remains solely with the employer.

    Curious to know how HEATFIT you are?
    Company Hub Homepage HEATFIT
    Company Hub Homepage HEATFIT
    Company Hub Homepage HEATFIT
    It is not about keeping people comfortable,

    it’s about keeping people safe

    Comfort is a by-product of improving environmental conditions, increasing fluid intake and making better decisions around clothing performance and work/rest scheduling, but it is not the goal. We can work in thermally uncomfortable environments if we are acclimatised and well hydrated with low risk of suffering heat illness. However, thermally unsafe environments without the proper systems in place puts workers at high risk.

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    Did you know

    environment dictates performance

    It’s safe to say if your environment does not support a healthy and productive culture, the performance results you get out of your team will be impaired. Building temperatures can become extreme inside, even if the environmental conditions outside are manageable. Our HEATFIT consultants have extensive experience and knowledge around airflow and ventilation management to keep your team thermally safe this summer. Want to learn how to improve the conditions of your workspace?

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    Company Hub Homepage HEATFIT
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