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Case Study

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Project Details

Date: Sep 2021
Client: Laminex
Location: Toolara
Task: Heat Management

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    Heat Management For Laminex

    What a monster job! After completing a heat stress analysis we discovered the internal heat stress index (feels like) for this shed was 10.66 degrees higher than outside. This was a result from a mixture of poor building performance and hot machinery working inside to elevate the temperature.

    With 12 Flying V18 extraction fans changing the volume of air out inside 15 times per hour this will make a huge difference to managing the heat over summer.

    HEATFIT Program

    Laminex opted for our full HeatFit program and we are about to complete the third stage. The Team has been introduced to our Hydration testing system and are feeling the benefits of our Natural Cool Air Fans.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    Yes, there are many variables with industrial spaces and we strongly recommend the Heat Stress Analysis so we can accurately find the right solution for your building.

    Absolutely, HeatFit is a part of our mother brand Natural Cool Air. You can contact us with a quote on the left or visit our Natural Cool Air website here.

    We have holistic approach to cooling workplaces and making them a safe environment to work in. To have an in-depth look at the program click here.

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